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The Ad Giants process can help every single member succeed. Including you.

Every Chamber has at least one member that's an ad agency. And that's awesome! But for how many?

The Chamber wins too!

We offer a great rev share to you, for each of your members who subscribe, and you'll receive $15 a month, every month they remain active. No, it's not a membership fee from Ad Giants, it's better. It's a fee that has no limits depending on how well we do with your membership. And so far, others have really enjoyed the success we bring members.

Ad Giants is the first true ad agency solution that delivers solid strategies and marketing tactics that work great, and don't cost a fortune. Subscribers get the full agency process, all driven by an actual agency expert for them. There's never been anything like this at these price points.

"Wow, just wow! The Ad Giants team has transformed our brand and increased our engagement by over 40%! The new look is seriously turning heads; it's so unique, funny, and effective! Ad Giants is one of the Chamber's endorsed partners and they've already helped a number of our members be successful in their reach and effectiveness to their audiences. I HIGHLY recommend Ad Giants as your next and final marketing partner!"

Lori Williams


Mansfield Chamber of Commerce

Lori from the Mansfield Chamber made a video about us, thanks Lori!

This one device can help your members while also adding new revenue to your association.

You're assigned an expert with no less than 15 years of experience building, creating, and running huge brands

Text, call, share images or docs, connecting is quick and easy

Keep track of all your purchases and active work

Follow your free marketing plan and use it to grow your business quickly

Schedule meetings based on your availability


File management, uploads and more

Manage all aspects of your account with ease

subscriptions are only





* No contracts | month-to-month billing | quit at any time

Fetch an expert quickly for any business industry or segment you can throw at us!

Why you need to engage your members with Ad Giants.

• Delivers Immediate Value to users

Receive up to $15 per user, per month*

• Totally Affordable Top to Bottom

• Member Growth = Organization Growth

• No Contracts or Financial Exposure

• The Ease of Mobile, the Power of Web

• Deep Discounts on Marketing Tactics

• National and Global Fulfillment Partners

How we start...

We hit the ground running. Let us provide everything you'll need to introduce us to your membership, including a customized process for on-boarding your partners quickly and efficiently.



• Custom launch package to communicate new program

to members


• All marketing materials

supplied to organization


• We conform to your

communication standards



• Monthly webinars specific to members industry


• Opportunity to incorporate organization goals in the webinar

• Recorded webinars will be archived for later use



• Personal introduction to members to set them up


• Go over individual member needs for their business

• Create a custom marketing

plan to fit their goals and

deliver success



• Our app allows members to schedule meetings with consultant on-the-fly


• Bi-monthly touchpoints with members to advance goals


• On-demand consultations for every member


We'll represent your association with the highest quality talent.

Each of our consultants comes with decades of experience in a wide variety of industries, all proven leaders with top-level account management skillsets.

 Pricing that makes connecting with a proven expert a no-brainer


• Customized marketing materials for the launch of an initiative to all

  of your members

• Specialized training for our experts to be prepared for members 

  exacting needs

• Monthly reporting back to organization leadership covering

  member activity

• A new revenue channel for your association!


The Marketing Expert In Your Pocket.

For more information or a presentation, please drop us a note here and someone will contact you!

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This is Vicky

18 Years of Experience

Accounts Managed:

Coca-Cola | American Express

Budweiser | Comerica Banks

Her Passion:

Creating strategies that demonstrate immediate, positive effects for her clients!


This is Brad

22 Years of Experience


Account Managed:

Holiday Inn | Nike

Intuit | Toyota

His Passion:

His family, golf and always being a valuable resource for his clients!