the first call


Using the scheduling calendar in the Ad Giants App, members can schedule an initial 30-minute phone conversation with their consultant. During the call, consultants will discuss the unique challenges, needs, and objectives of each member’s business.

We have a great time meeting people, listening, and understanding their personal feelings and insights about what's worked and what hasn't.

We also share industry knowledge we have specific to challenges your members see daily, and our consultants have proven tactics they've done in their careers that work and drive real results. After this call, the consultant sets a followup call.

the second call


This is where the fun begins. Our consultant presents their new marketing strategy specific to your members' business and walks them through the rationale for each tactic.


It's enlightening and exciting for our customers because, for the first time, they can see how much a solid plan with supporting tactics can actually help them.


At the end of the call, we ask that your member subscribes to begin our monthly process to help them, and we recommend the first tactic to implement and get the ball rolling.

easy. effective. fun.


What else could you want from a business tool to help get where you need to go?

Ad Giants is your new partner right in the palm of your hand, ready to assist you with just a simple text or call.

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