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Ad Giants will also hold industry-specific webinars for your members that talk about key business issues that are shaping their market and can help them better understand or adjust to personal goals.

Our only goal is to provide the value your members will see in their company growth, and this happens by staying fine-tuned to what is working in marketing specifically for their industry.

We'll have guest speakers that are completely focused on the challenges in specific industries, with insights that are actionable and advice that works!



No one has a crystal ball, but we sure can do our best to use the incredible knowledge and information that is out there to help us better predict what your members face with their business.

We are partnered with sources like Gartner, Dun & Bradstreet, and the American Marketing Association to constantly research and bring our subscribers the most up-to-date insights that affect their success. 

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What else could you want from a business tool to help get where you need to go?

Ad Giants is your new partner right in the palm of your hand, ready to assist you with just a simple text or call.

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